MGCC: Middle Georgia Camera Club

Gene Braswell

In Memory of Gene Braswell, 1922-2011

I have been interested in photography since the early 1930s when box cameras were priced at 39 cents to a dollar. I then moved up to a folding camera, and in 1955 to a twin lens reflex, and in 1963 to a 35mm. Before coming to Macon in 1984, I was a member of the Camera Club of Richmond, Va., and in Florida, of the Jacksonville Camera Club. In 1973 I took a two weeks course in slide photography in New Hampshire under the late Helen Manzer. Two of her more famous students are Freeman Patterson and Yuan Li, both published authors of photographic books. The latter was in my class. It was in Mrs. Manzer’s course that I learned most of what I know about photography. I have recently started trying to fathom a digital camera. Stay tuned!


  • Cherry Blossom Festival – 6 1st Place Ribbons, 2 Best of Show Ribbons
  • Georgia State Fair – 16 1st Place Ribbons, 1 Best of Show Monochrome, 1 Best of Show Color.
  • Georgia National Fair – 8 1st Place Ribbons
  • International City Festival – 3 1st Place Ribbons, 1 Best of Show
  • MGCC – 9 1st Place Ribbons, 9 Slides of the Year, 1 Print of the year
  • Macon Mall – 1 Best of Show Ribbon

Areas of Interest

Flora, Fauna, Landscape, Macro


  • We miss you Gene!

    • Thank you, Jerry. I miss him, too.

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