MGCC: Middle Georgia Camera Club

2009 Print Competitions

1st Cycle

First Place Color Print
1st Place Color Print
“Blue Bobbles” by Rick Freeberg

2nd Place Color Print
“Sidney Lanier Bridge” by Sandra Brown

3rd Place Color Prints
“Straw, Smith State Park” by Keith English

Honorable Mention  Color Prints
“HM Spring Blooms” by John Froehlich

Honorable Mention Color Prints
“HM Bird Feathers” by Sandra Brown

Honorable Mention Color Prints
“Door at 304” by Sandra Brown

1st Place – Monochrome Prints
“Tree in Creek, Sweetwater State Park” by Keith English

2nd Place – Monochrome Prints
“St. Simons Lighthouse” by Sandra Brown

3rd Place – Monochrome Prints
“The Hub” by Sandra Brown

Honorable Mention – Monochrome Prints
“Winter Wonder Land” by Sandra Brown


  • Wonderful pics!

  • Stunning work .. absolutely bauteiful .. to depict our world and the beauty that surrounds us, and yet what we either cannot, or dont have the time to see, in such minute detail is a gift to all those that are given the opportunity to see the world through your eyes through your photographs .. a delicate touch of tranquility and charm. You should publish a book .. are you in the magazines . national geographic . horticultural magazines ? .. etc etc etc how about an exhibition where you project your photographs on layers of glass, foreground, midde ground, and background kinda like a three dimensional holographic projection then as the observer moves around the instalation we see different views moving, shifting in parralax .. or maybe projections, reflections on glass and water sometimes the water moving, sometimes still .. anyhows he he .. go mainstream and think big truly bauteiful images.

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