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Photoshop Class Offered by Pete Nicholls

DIPG‘s Pete Nicholls will be hosting a Photoshop CS5 Class starting January 18th and running every Tuesday for 10 weeks.  He has a couple of slots available and the fee is $125. Contact Pete at if interested.

Here are more details:

As most people have CS5, the training will be based on CS5 but will not focus on the new features. The textbook I have selected for the class is Photoshop CS5 One On One Fundamentals by Deke McClelland. Deke is one of my favorite instructors as he is very knowledgeable and keeps things interesting.

Master the fundamentals of Photoshop CS5 and make all of your images come alive. With Deke McClelland’s unique and effective learning system, you get step-by-step tutorials, hours of DVD-video demonstrations, and lots of hands-on projects to help you improve your knowledge and hone your skills.

  • Find out everything you need to know to be productive with Photoshop CS5 right away
  • Learn at your own speed with 12 self-paced tutorials
  • Try out professional techniques with engaging, real-world projects
  • Read about a particular technique and watch the video to see how it’s done
  • Follow every key step with hundreds of full-color photos, diagrams, and screen shots
  • Test your knowledge with multiple-choice quizzes in each chapter

Exercise files accompany the course, as well as introductory videos on each chapter. In addition to this, I have purchased a comprehensive video series by Deke that covers the book in detail. The way the class will work is that I will show these videos in class and provide some time for you to start on the exercises. I expect that most of the exercises will need to be completed at home before the next class. We will then address any issues arising from the exercises. I have already downloaded all of the project files and introductory videos that go along with the book and will provide you with a DVD with the content on the first day of class. You are encouraged to get the book early and begin to read it! I think with this system, you will have a good learning opportunity and be able to refer back to the content at any time.

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